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Friday the 13th
Ann's Philippine Vacation

June 13, 2003
Ferdie and I met with some of our old Mass Comm classmates for lunch at SM City.  I swear, they haven't changed a bit, though Glorene has lost quite a bit of weight.  I should have tried harder to learn her secret. 
We ate at Pizza Hut, where there was a promo for a free backpack if we order a family meal.  Cool.
Hoping one day that the entire Mass Comm batch of 2001 will reunite.

Me, Ferdie, and June.

Kara, Fe, and Glorene.

At Juan's -- Veron, Heiress, AJ, and JP.

The birthday girls and their cake.

Birdie, JP, and Bobby at Sub-Rail.

Me and Ferdie at Sub-Rail.

Me, Birdie, Heiress, Grace, AJ, and Jen.

Vince, Birdie, AJ, Heiress, Jen, Grace, me, Veron, and Jason outside Vega.

June 14, 2003

Although Veron's birthday is on June 16, we all celebrated yesterday because it was her only day off from internship.  She's been busy helping out with immunizations and she said that a few days ago nearly sixty babies were immunized in one morning.  Anyway, it was a double birthday celebration -- both Veron and JP (May 25).  We had dinner at Juan's (a new restaurant near SM City), played pool at Sub-Rail (near St. Clement's), and then proceeded to Vega which seems to be Iloilo City's club of choice.  I didn't like the smoky atmosphere, and I had to take a shower as soon as I got home because the smoke permeated my clothes.  I did have a good time, though, once the music changed from techno to R&B.  I did dance a little, but I mostly enjoyed watching the other dancers.
Around midnight, there was a limbo contest.  Just before his/her turn, the contestant had to down a shot of tequila.  I wanted the reigning champion to win, but he got beat out by these really litte guys.  He didn't stand a chance.  At the same time, I have to admire the guy who made it to the end since he was still standing after the fifteenth round.
There was another contest where five or six girls danced onstage.  Earlier, when we ordered drinks, we had been given stickers.  For the contest, we were supposed to place the stickers on the body of the dancer we liked best.  We gave all our stickers to Vince, so he could enjoy sticking them on the girl who eventually won the contest.