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Ann's Philippine Vacation

May 31, 2003

Ferdie and his friends Kirt, Edwin, and Alvin took me to Eastwood.  We had dinner at an Italian restaurant, and then we did some shopping.  Now I have eight shirts, a pair of jogging pants, and a black hat.  Maybe I overdid it, but it was hard to resist shirts that were less than a dollar each.

June 3, 2003

Ferdie and I walked from the flyover to McDonald's Katipunan and had breakfast.  Since it was raining, we took a cab to UP.  Ferdie and I walked around; he showed me some of his old haunts.  We bought some books and drank cold Milo.

June 5, 2003

It was Ferdie's birthday.  We had dinner with his friends at Somethin' Fishy, a restaurant in Eastwood. 

Me, Ferdie, Kirt, Alvin, Edwin.