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Back in Manila
Ann's Philippine Vacation


Edwin, Kirt, Ferdie, me, Liza, Liaa.

Tequila Joe's ~ June 21, 2003
The day that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was released.  Liaa, a million thanks again for letting me read it first.  It did take me until around lunchtime the next day to finish it, but it was worth every aching neck muscle.



June 22, 2003 ~ Meeting Trish, my old roommate from my Ateneo days, at Starbucks Katipunan.  She's still the same as ever, sweet and funny.  I'm only sorry that Elaine, Clai, Roar, and Kaye couldn't join us.  I guess there's always next time.


June 24, 2003 ~ Instead of going to Eastwood, we took Faith to Tapika.  Unfortunately, she left before the duo started performing.  That night, Ferdie introduced me to tequila.  I had seven shots.

Annie, Sonny, Ferdie, Wilma, Dinah, and Mayet.

June 28, 2003 ~ I went with Ferdie to his office.  I was asked to "interview" his students so that they could see themselves on videotape and improve their skills.