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Around the House
Ann's Philippine Vacation

Cherish, our little princess.

Cherish with Grandpa.

Me and Tita Noi.

Cherish with Mommy and Daddy.

Kim, Ferdie, and the pitbulls.

Harry Potter 5!!!!!

Kirt in his natural state.

Enjoying my last fresh Philippine mangoes.

July 1, 2003 ~ Ferdie took me to the airport, and Liza met us there.  God, I hate airports.  To be more specific, I hate departures.  I hate goodbyes.  I hate the uncertainty of travel.  Most of all, I hate not knowing when I'll get to be with Ferdie again.  Anyway, I arrived in LA with red-rimmed eyes and an aching heart. 
I spent the rest of the summer getting over jet lag, preparing for and attending the Miss DCI coronation, getting another job, dreading the start of classes, and wishing my vacation had never ended.