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Ann's Philippine Vacation

June 18, 2003 ~ taking SuperFerry from Iloilo to Manila.


Brein and Khayle came over to drive me to the port.  On the way, we picked up Heiress.  We followed Ferdie and his uncle.
During the ride, Khayle chattered nonstop about anything and everything.  he said he would be in the water pushing the boats and that the boats would crash.  He also went "Bang!  Bang!" with the bag of chocolates I gave him.


I begged for a cheery farewell.  We didn't want Khayle to start crying, and I was afraid the trip would be jinxed if we all started hugging and weeping.  Heaven forbid a repeat of the time I couldn't leave for LA as I had planned.
Ferdie and I went up to our cabin.  It was a nice room.  Twin beds, a private bathroom, cable TV, airconditioning, and even a small refrigerator.  If we had known, we would have stocked up on food and drinks.
We went out to take some pictures.  Brein and Heiress texted that they could see us.  We saw Brein's Toyota Revo going slowly past and tiny arms waving out the window.


Fortunately, we never needed to use a lifeboat (pictured above).  It was a smooth ride.  Ferdie never even noticed when the ship started moving.  We did some exploring, checking out the other available accommodations and the dining rooms.  Every once in a while, we went on deck to enjoy the breeze.
There was supposed to be live entertainment in the evening, but the room was too crowded with other passengers, so we passed on it.  We just went back to our room to read and watch TV.

The sunrise.

June 19, 2003 ~ Ferdie woke me up to check out the sunrise.  Took me a long time to get fully conscious.  On deck, the morning breeze was lulling me back to sleep.We arrived at the port on time.  We decided to take an L-300 home.  While we were waiting for the driver to get more passengers, someone was trying to steal Ferdie's box of pasalubong through the window.  Fortunately, Ferdie kept a close eye on him and the guy finally gave it up.