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Arriving in Iloilo
Ann's Philippine Vacation

June 6, 2003
Ferdie and I are in Iloilo now.  We had to leave the house at around four this morning because our flight was at six-thirty.  We barely had three hours of sleep last night because we had gone out for a late dinner at Somethin Fishy in Eastwood with Ferdie's friends.  We were among the first to check in at Air Philippines.  That gave us enough time to get half-hour massages from the blind masseurs.  I was massaged from the the waist up -- my shoulders, back, head, arms and hands. was wonderful.  I should always get domestic flights at either Air Philippines or Cebu Pacific, because we can't get massages at the PAL terminal.  Ferdie had his massage concentrated mostly on his left leg, which has been aching ever since we went bowling two days ago.  (I won, by the way -- two games out of three.)
Ferdie's uncle picked us up from the airport and dropped me off in Ledesco.  The first thing I did was take a shower.  It's even hotter than Manila with the sun beating down.  I got calls from JP, Grace, and Brein, but I probably won't be meeting up with anybody for a while.  Soon.

The old Teatro members with the new. And Ma'am GI, of course.

Ferdie and I went to CPU.  We met Ma'am GI, Suzette, and Ma'am Haidee (secretary of the English Dept.).  We picked up our yearbooks.  I considered applying for Alumni ID, but I'm not sure if the advantages are worth it.  Well, maybe later.  We also met up with Thirdy at SM for a drink at Sbarro.  He's all right.  Unfortunately, Ferdie and I were too zonked to be entertaining company.

June 7, 2003


Had lunch with JP at Kenny Roger's.  Heiress's treat.  Then we all had coffee at Cafe Rue on Heiress's break.  When she had to go back to work, we went to a salon.  I had a haircut (trim and layers), a deep conditioning treatment, and a manicure.  Ferdie got a haircut.  JP got a pedicure.  Jason and Veron met us there.  Afterwards, we stopped by JP's house (really near Letlet's place), and then we had dinner at Juan's, a new resto-bar on Diversion.  Good food.  That's where Veron and JP want to celebrate their birthdays.  Finally we played billiards at Sub-Rail, which is across Level 2 (near WIT) before they dropped me off at home in Jason's new green Nissan Sentra.  They all then proceeded to a couple of bars and Vega, going home past 3am.