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Mustang Bar
Ann's Philippine Vacation

JohnnyBaby's birthday, 28 June 2003, second floor of Mustang Bar in Makati.  On the first floor was the birthday celebration of Maui Taylor.  Open bar -- free beers for everyone!  Thanks, John!

Ferdie, me, Faith, Cleng, Mheryll, Vik, and half of Kirt's face.

Cleng and Edwin

crazy Viktor


Mheryll, Edwin (The Silencer), Cleng, Vik, May Rose.

Vik and Mheryll.

Ted -- a very happy birthday boy.

The Mustang Girls.

Me and my baby.

Carol and Kirt.



An edited version of my email to my sister the next morning:
I'm still feeling the vestigial effects of a hangover, but I decided it's best if I write down everything that happened last night while the memories are still fresh. 
After emailing yesterday, we went home and I took a nap.  Ferdie woke me up in time to get ready for that party we were invited to.  John's celebration was held at the second floor of Mustang.  The first floor was reserved for someone named Maui Taylor, a local celebrity.  It was her birthday too.  Ferdie and I are going to check the news later to see if we were caught on camera.
It was open bar, beers for everyone, though Ferdie was able to get me an Absolut Kurant.  I think I'm finally growing accustomed to San Mig Light.  Either that or my taste buds are going numb.... 
We'd brought Faith along with us, but she left at midnight, just when things were starting to heat up.  The girls were up on the ledge giving lap dances to the birthday boys.  I shot a load of pics on that alone.  What I've learned about parties is that they start off slow, but get much better after midnight and after some beer and good music.  Ferdie and I danced right by our table -- no real dance floor, people were just dancing wherever -- and I was having the best time.  I felt so loose and happy. 
Then Ferdie got hold of a bottle of Sauza tequila.  I think I drank two or three shots straight from the bottle.  It was around that time the alcohol was starting to hit me.  Ooh...I liked it -- a lot.  
Seriously, though, it was definitely an experience, one I wouldn't mind repeating.  I had complete trust that Ferdie wouldn't let anything happen to me, and that allowed me to have fun in a way that I never had before.