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The Miss DCI (Dingle Circle International) coronation is an event that happens only once every two years.  Joy decided she wanted to take part in it, even though she would be in London during part of the preparation time.  In fact, I had to represent her at the DCI Induction Dinner.
The Miss DCI was chosen by how much money she was able to raise for the organization by selling program advertisements, raffle tickets, and dinner tickets.  This year we set a new total record -- more than sixty thousand dollars.  The bulk of it was donated to Dingle for the contruction of a new library and for a scholarship fund. 
Anyway, Joy was named third princess on May 25, though the actual coronation took place on July 5 at the Omni Hotel in Los Angeles.  The following pictures are from the coronation night.  In short, we had dinner with some live entertainment, followed by the coronation ceremony, and then more partying.

Robert and Joy, dressed up for dinner.

3rd Princess Joy with her escort Robert, outside the ballroom.

A mini procession around the ballroom.

Robert, Edalynn, Joy, and Nessa.

Receiving her sash.

Joy with the queen and the other princesses (note the color-coordinated bouquets and sashes).

In the hotel room, preparing for the coronation.

Receiving her bouquet and trophy from Mom and Dad.

Now that the formal stuff is over, it's time to party!