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My little reading corner.

This is where I've been working since November 2001 -- Kumon Math and Reading Center.  My younger cousins were students at Kumon then, and when my aunt saw the place was a little short-handed, she recommended my name to Miss Emy, the manager.  My cousin and Edalynn and I were hired soon after.  Time passed, then Edalynn went on to other jobs, but I've stayed up to the present.
Kumon is divided into two rooms -- one for Math and one for Reading.  I started off in the Math room, mainly correcting the students' papers, although I occasionally had to explain a mathematical process to a child.  A few months later, due to changes in personnel, I was transferred to the Reading section.
My main duties in Reading are correcting papers (as shown in the picture above) and listening to kids read aloud.  The kids levels and abilities range from tracing letters to analyzing a story's theme. 

The Kumon staff (with two absent) as pictured in the DCI program.

Two things are difficult for me -- helping someone come to an answer without giving it away completely, and dealing with certain children.  I won't go into detail here.
I wish I could have gone to Kumon when I was a kid.  I remember being in second grade and finishing my homework in less than 30 minutes.  I wondered why it seemed so....little.  But at the same time, I didn't complain too much because I could start watching cartoons right away.
Work overall is pleasant.  I'm at Kumon four days a week, for four to five hours in the afternoon.  The hours leave me time to go to school in the morning and I don't miss my prime-time shows in the evening.  Because the hours and location are convenient, and because I like knowing what I'm doing, I'll be working at Kumon until a better opportunity presents itself.