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Ann's Philippine Vacation

It's so nice to go traveling...

It had been almost two years since I had left the Philippines.  Even though I had despaired of ever going back, I finally made the decision to do so December 2002.  It took a long time to build up the "Ann wants to visit Ferdie fund." I tried to save what I could from my Kumon paychecks, but I still nearly cleaned out my bank acocunt.
What made the difference was a home improvement project.  We wanted a new floor, but before it could be installed, the old floor had to be pried up.  Mom paid me a substantial fee to help Dad pry up the old wooden tiles.  It took us a week of hacking and scraping with a shovel, but it was done in time.  Our laminate flooring was installed over the weekend.
However, an obstacle came up -- the SARS outbreak.  Mom didn't want me to go to the Philippines, especially after SARS cases were discovered there.  I was determined to go through with my trip, though, so I compromised by changing airlines.  Instead of taking a flight with a stopover in Taipei, I took a direct flight with only a stop in Honolulu.  I never even left the plane.
I don't regret a bit of it because I enjoyed every moment.  It was the best month of my life.


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